..:: BIOGRAPHY ::..

Dee Dee originally started with: Diana Trippaers as singer/songwriter with Christophe Chantzis, Erik Vanspauwen & Tommy Kidjemet as producers/songwriters, in 2010 Shalamon Baskin joined the team as songwriter to work with Diana.

"Forever" was released July 19th 2001 on vinyl and started out as an obscure club track.
With vinyl sales booming (the records entered the Belgian Dance chart at number 3!!) and DJ's all over the world playing it, the demand for a CD release increased.

The beautiful Diana Trippaers who wrote the lyrics alongside Christophe and Erik, until the CD release for "Forever", no journalist had been able to interview Dee Dee or get her on camera. In a mysterious way, she remained anonymous. managed to get her real name at the beginning of August 2001, well before the rest of the world.

On September 3rd, 2001 Forever was released as single on the Belgian market. The results were fabulous: Dee Dee spent several weeks in the Official Belgian top 20. This result, combined with the piles of vinyls exported, resulted in license demands from all over the world from USA, UK, Australia to Spain, to Israel, Italy, Germany to Denmark and many others.. 36 countries in total signed the record!

Later followed up in 2003 with the second single called "The One". Again this was prooving a real success, live shows to promote made for a busy life, following single was "Pour Toujours" (french version of "Forever"), this was only released in France.


International releases
Dee Dee - Pour Toujours (2003 - Independance Records - France)
Mike Nero feat. Dee Dee - The One 2009 (2009 - Active Sense Records - Germany)
2 Vibez  feat. Dee Dee - Love Will Rise Again (2009 - Yawa Recordings - Germany)
Dee Dee feat. Ray and Snyder - I Want You Back (2010 - Tough Stuff - Germany)
Roni Meller feat. Dee Dee - The Day After (Will I Be Free) (2010 -
Blitzfaktor Records - Switzerland)
Kimura feat. Dee Dee - The Chosen (2012 - Metrophonic Resistance - Germany)
De-Liver feat. Dee Dee - Give Me A Sign (2013 - Big Beef - Germany)

Source :
Picture 1 :
Diana Trippaers
Picture 2 :
Erik Vanspauwen, Tommy Kidjemet, Christophe Chantzis


..:: SINGLES ::..
  Released : 31/08/2001
  Format : CD Single

  Label : Antler-Subway (AS 5968 CDS)
  Tracklist :
  01. Forever (Original Radio Edit)
  02. Forever (Ian Van Dahl Radio Edit)





  The One
  Released : 25/11/2002
  Format : CD Single

  Label : Antler-Subway (AS 9021 CDS)
  Tracklist :
  01. The One (Radio Edit)
  02. The One (Peter Luts Remix)







..:: VINYLS ::..
  Released : 16/07/2001
  Format : Vinyl 12''

  Label : Freestyle (FS 2022)
  Tracklist :
A1. Forever (Original Extended Mix)
  A2. Forever (Ian Van Dahl Remix)
  B1. Forever (Elijah McMillan Remix)
  B2. Forever (Perfect Shere Remix)





  The One (part 1)
  Released : 02/12/2002
  Format : Vinyl 12''

  Label : Freestyle (FS 2029)
  Tracklist :
A1. The One (Extended Mix)
  A2. The One (Kidjemet & Kovac Remix)
  B1. The One (4 Clubbers Remix)





  The One (part 2)
  Released : 02/12/2002
  Format : Vinyl 12''

  Label : Freestyle (FS 2030)
  Tracklist :
A1. The One (Drifwood Remix)
  A2. The One (Ian Van Dahl Remix)
  B1. The One (Peter Luts Remix)







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